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Receive a lifetime diamond upgrade

In order to give customers a better experience of bigger and more beautiful diamonds, and let customers have enough confidence in the value of our brand of lab-grown diamonds, we specially launched this diamond upgrade service. Anyone who purchases our products in the future can deduct the originally purchased diamonds at the price actually paid at that time, and exchange for larger diamonds to achieve the effect of value preservation.


  • All diamond products purchased at LAB STAR can be upgraded.
  • The payment amount for the new diamond ring after the diamond upgrade must be higher than 50% of the original purchase amount
  • The original purchase can be deducted by 70% of the silver code of the receipt.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the diamond is free from scratches, damages and other product quality problems, and provide the original product certificate,
  • Otherwise, the diamond will lose the eligibility for the upgrade service, and the halberd needs to be paid by the customer
  • All diamond products can be refunded in cash at 50% of the silver code of the receipt.