Gemstone & Diamond 's Symbolism

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Good Luck Gemstones

If you’re hoping to attract a little extra luck into your life, there’s a wide variety of gemstone talismans, each with subtle differences in the types of energy they are supposed to channel


Emeralds are associated with being able to visualize the future and discern the truth


Gemstones to Attract Money

If you’re hoping to attract financial success, these money-focused stones are storied to help keep you focused on your goals and invite wealth into your life.


A stone of wisdom, the sapphire is also believed to bring its bearer luck in recovering lost wealth.


The cheery honey-toned hue of yellow diamond is particularly fitting to its symbolism as a stone of prosperity and fending off bad luck.


Diamond to Attract Love

Invite love into your life, or stay inspired to strengthen your current connections when you wear or carry these romantically-inspired diamond.


PInk diamond instantly rounses a sense of romance, and many cultures consider them to be symbolic of life itself.


The classic choice for engagement and wedding rings, a diamond is the hardest element on earth, and captures a sense of everlasting commitment and purity.