Diamond's Shapes

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Round Brilliant

This diamond shape has the most facets and will appear more sparkly when compared with other diamonds. Due to its high demand and wastage when cutting the diamond into a circular shape, the round brilliant diamond is the most expensive diamond shape.


The princess-cut diamond features clean lines and sharply defined corners, combined with the kind of supreme sparkle you expect from a round brilliant cut, thanks to its incredible multi-faceting.


The curves of the pear-shaped diamond are some of the most technically difficult to achieve but the result is a classically beautiful cut that combines the sparkle of a round brilliant with the tapering finesse of a marquise-cut. Offering a sense of individuality, it is a shape that is often incorporated into high jewelry designs.


For pure timeless elegance, the emerald cut has it all, its clean, rectangular shape with stepped facets creating a ‘hall-of-mirrors’ effect that produces flashes of light.




Oval Shape

In terms of faceting, the oval-shape is a modified form of the round brilliant, possessing a similar ability to reflect light and maximize sparkle.  

Heart Shape

Considered one of the most romantic cuts, the heart shape is based on the round brilliant, with a cleft at the top.